I'm Sean, a Bay Area photographer and videographer from San Jose, California

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Hi Welcome to my website! If you've gotten this far onto my website, you might be wondering who the heck I am!

I'm a story teller! More specifically, a visual story teller! It's my passion and something I love doing. I also love working with others to bring their visual stories to life! I believe the best stories and best artwork is created through collaboration.

I've been story telling most all my life. Growing up I loved movies and cartoons and absorbed myself in all the films and TV that my parents would allow me (Thanks mom and dad!). When I went to college, I majored in Media Arts and Animation. I'm just such a huge nerd for this stuff after all! I then spent a large portion of my young adult life teaching animation, film and photography to kids and teens.

In 2017 I decided that I wanted to strike out on my own as a visual story teller and committed to doing photography and video professionally, and I'm having a blast! I get to take make awesome artwork and meet some amazing clients. Whether it's a wedding, event, or a portrait session I love learning about the people I work with as much as I love capturing the moments.

For business and photo/video inquires please contact MrSeanWashington@MrSW.net

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